Made in the U. S. of A.

Our patented CLUTCH decoy weight is the most versatile, durable, effective anchor on the market today, and it's made right here in the United States. The 4 oz. or 8 oz. lead block will hold decoys to the bottom.  When its time to pick them up, the looped shock cord will stretch around the head of your decoys, at either end of the keel, around the entire keel, or even around the tail of the decoy.  It's compatible with almost any floating decoy, and thanks to an oversized grab-loop, it is remarkably easy to use in cold weather with gloves on.  

The cord keeps the weight securely attached, reducing paint-wear on your decoys, and it eliminates the possibility of those haunting, early morning decoy bag tangles.  The  military-grade shock cord will retain its life season after season, and comes in an easy-to-hide, natural colors to keep it out of view of wary, late-season ducks and geese. Additionally, the free-sliding design of the attachment hole also makes the weights perfect for "Texas Rigging" your decoys, without sacrificing the ability to conveniently wrap them up individually whenever you want.  The CLUTCH decoy weight truly is the most versatile, durable, convenient decoy anchor ever created.  Not to mention, it's likely the only one on the market that's still 100% AMERICAN MADE.

4 oz. CLUTCH Decoy Weights
Starting at $34.99/dozen

8 oz.  CLUTCH Decoy Weights
Starting at $44.99/dozen